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7th Judicial District


Judge, Rochester City Court
99 Exchange Boulevard
Rochester, New York 14614

Dear Judge S.,

Thank you for your kindness during my hearing last Wednesday in your court. I apologize for my hard of hearingness, but I have been around too many Jet Engines and been in a R & B Band too long.

Enclosed is a copy of my reply to Mr. M.'s attorney's reply that I received the Saturday after I was in Rochester.

I will be satisfied with what every decision you make. I want you to know this is my first experience in Court and it was a good experience.

After this event is over and you are ever in Dallas, please give me a call. I would be proud to show you some real Texas Hospitality,

Also, I don't have words for the appreciation I. have developed for Ms. Ruby C., who is on your staff. She made this whole experience exceptionally pleasant and a great learning experience. I thought she was a Texan because she was so kind and helpful. As a matter of fact everyone I came in contact with was.

Again, Thank You & Happy Trails,

John E.

Rosemarie and staff:

Happy holidays to all!

Thank so much for all the assistant you gave to me while working on the paperwork for Samuel N.'s guardianship. I appreciated it so much. Thank you again.

Rita P.

Mr. P.,

As I mentioned to you today, I was pleasantly surprised by my first encounter with the jury process. Although I have been a corporate attorney for more than 25 years, I have little involvement with the courts. I had never before been called for jury duty before.

I was well informed and treated with courtesy and respect from the beginning. Although I was not enthusiastic about the disruption of my office, I do regard jury service as an important civic duty. My treatment underscored this perception. I am quite sure that others had the same experience, to the benefit of the court system. Jurors who feel that they are an important part of the court process are likely to act accordingly -- quite apart from the fact that it will be far easier to get them into the courthouse the next time.

Job well done!
Ralph M.

Dear Honorable Judge C.:

I am most appreciate of the more than cooperative service, patience, and understanding I received from Calmella S., Since my mother's passing.

Carmella's assistance with advice and many phone calls to her, paved the road for me smoothly.

Joanne B. D.


Ms. Kim B., Deputy Chief Clerk

Rochester City Court, Criminal Branch

Public Safety Bldg, Room 123

Rochester, NY 14614

Ms. B.,

I would like to bring to your attention the performance of Ms. Robin T. Robin was very instrumental in assisting a client in her release by making sure the correct paperwork was completed and given to the proper authorities. In speaking to the family of my client they commented on how Robin not only assisted in seeing that the paperwork was completed but was friendly and sincere. A long day could have been longer had not we had the pleasure of Robin's assistance.

When dealing with these unexpected and often burdensome requests, your staff uniformly and consistently exhibits a level of conscientious and professionalism that, in my experience, is unparalled. In addition, they're a pleasure to deal with. They are a credit to your office, and we in this community are fortunate to have such competent and dedicated public servants.


Donald M. T., P.C.

Attorney and Counseler at Law


Quality Service