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Electronic Filing

If you are using the electronic filing system for the first time, it is essential that you read the "Help Guide & Instructions" before you begin. You should print out the "Guide" and refer to it while you complete your financial disclosure statement.


Electronic Filing Overview

Electronic filing allows most Unified Court System employees who are required to file annual financial disclosure statements to do so online, using CourtNet or the Internet. When you are ready to work on your statement, click on the File Online (Financial Disclosure Form) option, found in the menu on the left.

To log in to your online finanical disclosure form, you must have your Account Name and Password. Your Account Name is your UCS Retirement Number. You will receive a new Password every year. Your Account Name and Password are mailed to you in one letter, before the filing deadline.

If you are required to file this year, you can view all your previously filed electronic statements online. If you filed electronically last year, you can copy information from that statement into your current electronic statement. If you are no longer required to file, you cannot access your statements online. You must contact our office if you want a copy of a previously filed estatement.

You may work on your statement over as many sessions as you wish, and from different locations. You can exit the statement, and save the information you have entered, whenever you wish. As a security measure, your data is not saved on your computer. The data is encrypted and transmitted to our secure server where it remains encrypted until the next time you log in and use your form.

When you are ready to file your statement, go to the botom of the last page, on the left. Click on the box that reads, "Click here to file your statement...." Clicking on this box is the equivalent of signing your statement. When you click on this box, a Validation Report is generated. The Validation Report will indicate whether your statement has been filed or rejected.

If you failed to answer a question, or if you did not complete all required fields in a question, the Validation Report will so indicate and your statement will be rejected. The Report will advise you of the questions that have not been successfully completed. You will have to go back into your statement to complete these questions.

If all questions have been completely answered, the Validation Report will indicate that your filing has been accepted. You can no longer make any changes in your statement, unless and until we notify you in writing that your statement has been made available for revision. However, you can view and print your statement at any time.

If we believe that your statement needs revision after it is filed, we will notify you in writing and give you a specified amount of time to revise your statement online.

You can print out a copy of your financial disclosure statement at any time by emailing a "PDF" copy of the statement to yourself. To do so, click on the following language: "To get an emailed statement in PDF format, click here". This language can be found: on the bottom of the last page of the statement, before it is filed; on the right side of the Validation Report; and on the top left corner of the first page of the statement, after it has been filed.

Access to all electronically filed statements is closed on December 15th, for maintenance and so that the system can be upgraded for the next year. The statements will be made available when the letters containing Account Names and Passwords are mailed out in February.