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Judy Harris Kluger - 
Deputy Chief Administrative Judge
Judy Harris Kluger
Deputy Chief
Administrative Judge
Court Operations & Planning
Welcome to the Integrated Domestic Violence (IDV) Courts website. I hope that you find the descriptions, images and resources on this website helpful in answering your questions about Integrated Domestic Violence Courts and their operation. In an effort to better serve families facing issues of domestic violence, Chief Judge Judith Kaye, in her 2003 State of the Judiciary address, announced the statewide expansion of IDV Courts.

IDV Courts respond to a historic problem in the court system, which requires domestic violence victims and their families to appear in different courts before multiple judges, often located in different parts of a county, to address their legal issues. Dedicated to the “one family - one judge” model, IDV Courts allow a single judge to hear multiple case types - criminal, family and matrimonial - which relate to one family where the underlying issue is domestic violence.

Combination of Family, Criminal & Matrimonal Courts into IDV Court

IDV Courts aim to provide more informed judicial decision-making and greater consistency in court orders, while reducing the number of court appearances. In addition, these courts offer enhanced services to victims and ensure offender accountability.

Since their inception, IDV Courts have handled over 33,000 cases and served over 7,000 families. Currently, there are 28 IDV Courts in operation and 9 IDV Courts in planning*. Currently more than three quarters of the residents of New York State live in counties served by these courts.

This year marks a pivotal stage in the evolution of IDV Courts and their role in this era of statewide and national court reform. We celebrate the continued accomplishments of these courts in their efforts to better serve communities in need and to bring justice to families in crisis across New York State. Thank you for your interest and support in this endeavor.

* Case statistics current as of May 2006

Judy Harris Kluger
Deputy Chief Administrative Judge
Court Operations and Planning




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