Monroe County Hall of Justice

Monroe County Hall of Justice

Civic Center Plaza, Rochester, NY

Built: 1963

Judicial District: Seventh

Although the cornerstone ceremony for the building which houses Monroe County's many courts was held on Law Day, Tuesday May 1, 1962, furniture, personnel and supplies did not begin moving in until November 23, 1963. Attempts by purchasing agents to have any new furniture delivered were thwarted by the fact that the county had not taken possession of the building. Legally, nothing could be delivered. Therefore, the county was scheduled to take legal possession on November 15, 1963. Monroe County Court, one of the first to inhabit the new building, was scheduled to move in the weekend of November 23-24. The move actually took place on December 2, 1963. The New York State Supreme Court moved into the building at the beginning of the new year 1964.

In November of 1963 it was decided that the new building would be called "The Hall of Justice". The old courthouse which, will no longer house any courts, would continue to be the County Courthouse.

Source: "Survey of Court Facilities in New York State", NYS Office of Court Administration...1981 pg 353; Many thanks to Monroe County Office of the County Historian