Erie County Court Building

Erie County Court Building

25 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY

Built: 1964

Houses: Family Court and Commissioner of Jurors

Judicial District: Eighth

Construction of Erie County Hall in Buffalo began in 1871 and was completed in 1876. It was originally built to house both county offices and courts as well as municipal offices for the city, with the cost of construction shared equally between them. This joint occupancy ended in 1932 when Buffalo built its own City Hall and turned the old building over to the County.

In 1964 a multi-story office building of mediocre design was built at the rear and connected to the old County Hall to accommodate a growing need for office and court space. Although functional and efficient, this "modern" building lacks the charm, grandeur, and craftsmanship of the older building.

Source: "Survey of Court Facilities in New York State", NYS Office of Court Administration...1981 pg 405