Brooklyn Borough Hall

Brooklyn Borough Hall

209 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn

Built: Started in 1836, completed in 1849.

Caught fire in 1895

Brooklyn Borough Hall housed the original courtroom of the Appellate Division, Second Department, starting in 1894 and continuing until 1938. The courtroom is ornate and ceremonial, befitting this Greek revival landmark. Brooklyn Borough Hall now contains the office of the Brooklyn Borough President. Architecural highlights include the portico and grand rotunda with their monumental marble columns, the highly ornate beaux arts-style courtroom, and portraits of former mayors of Brooklyn.

The Court of Appeals held their September 2002 session (Sept. 4-6, 2002) at Brooklyn Borough Hall while the Court of Appeals Hall was undergoing renovation.

Source: "Survey of Court Facilities in New York State", NYS Office of Court Administration...1981 pg 79.