New York State Court of Appeals Hall

These two publications of the New York State Court of Appeals (the State's highest Court), one in 1959 and the other 2004, commemorates the history, restoration, and modernization of the building that houses the New York State Court of Appeals-Court of Appeals Hall. The Court of Appeals originally sat in the State Capitol. It moved to its present home at 20 Eagle Street a short distance away in 1917. The magnificent courtroom, built by the renowned architect H. H. Richardson, was brought over and reassembled piece by piece. Since then, the building has twice undergone a major renovation to restore its architectural and artistic beauty and to modernize its facilities. The story of this history of the building and its renovations and modernizations is told with wonderful supporting images in these publications.

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The Rededication of Court of Appeals Hall, Albany, New York > October 5, 1959

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Court of Appeals Hall, Construction, Restoration & Renovation (1842-2004)

Court of Appeals Hall     Court of Appeals Hall

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