The Society is committed to educating our students to be 21st century citizens who understand the Rule of Law, the concept of justice, how our courts and government work, and what are our founding documents that preserve this democracy. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has made a wonderful start by founding iCivics to reverse the declining civic knowledge and participation of our students. Judith S. Kaye, Former Chief Judge of the State of New York, is on Justice O'Connor's national leadership team to make this happen. The iCivics site has a rich collection of educational video games and teaching materials. The Society looks forward to joining this initiative by promoting the education of New York State's elementary school students, as well as older students, in these vital areas.

We hope to provide here elementary school resources available to our State's students and teachers in the coming months.

Meanwhile...please visit iCivics

Here's a link to Elementary School teaching tools the Office of Public Affairs, New York State Unified Court System

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