The Society plans to make available on this site learning resources it develops in partnership with teachers and schools, as well as recommended outside resources that are consistent with our mission of education. These resources will focus on teaching students about the legal system, how the courts operate, the role of judges and lawyers, and the larger concepts of Justice, and the Rule of Law. The emphasis will be on the legal system in New York State.

Our focus is on expanding student's knowledge of civics, i.e., how do the courts work, what is the role of lawyers and jurists, plaintiffs and defendants, as well as generate thinking about the themes of Justice, the Rule of Law, and the New York State and U.S. Constitutions in promoting and safeguarding democracy, equal justice and access to the law.

This project is in its early stages, and content will grow over time. We hope the resources with this particular emphasis on our legal history will prove useful to teachers at all grade levels.

In 2010 the Society worked with Bard High School Early College to develop a cross-disciplinary week-long workshop on the theme of Justice. In the school 2012/2013 this theme of justice is being introduced at Bard High School Early College Newark.

Here's the video... Writing and Thinking Workshop 2010: JUSTICE


Recommended Sites:

The New York State Unified Court System maintains a website open to the public, through its Office of Public Affairs, offering a range of information for students and teachers at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels. These resources can be accessed here.

iCivics was founded in 2009 by Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor to reverse Americans' declining civic knowledge. Its goal is to promote an understand and respect for our system of governance. Drawing on a nation-wide team of leaders in government and education, iCivics promotes democracy among our youth.

The Supreme Court Historical Society has developed a rich Learning Center with resources for teachers and students of Supreme Court history. See the Learning Center

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