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Integrated Domestic Violence

Mission and Goals

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Based on the one family - one judge concept, the State's IDV Courts exist to handle related cases pertaining to a single family where the underlying issue is domestic violence. The IDV Courts seek to promote justice and protect the rights of all litigants while providing a comprehensive approach to case resolution, increasing offender accountability, promoting victim safety, integrating the delivery of social services, and eliminating inconsistent and conflicting judicial orders.


  • Informed judicial decision-making based on comprehensive and current information on multiple matters involving the family;

  • Consistent handling of multiple matters relating to the same family by a single presiding judge;

  • Efficient use of court resources, with reduced numbers of trips to court and speedier dispositions;

  • Linkage to social services and other resources to address comprehensively the needs of family members;

  • Promotion of victim safety through elimination of conflicting orders and decisions;

  • Increased confidence in the court system by reducing inefficiency for litigants and by eliminating conflicting orders;

  • Coordinated community response and collaboration among criminal justice and child welfare agencies and community-based groups offering social services and assistance to domestic violence victims and their children.
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Office of the Statewide Coordinating Judge for Family Violence Cases