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Attorney Grievance Committees

Welcome to the Attorney Grievance Committee home page. Please visit the several links to find further information including How to file a complaint, addresses for this and other New York State Disciplinary Offices, Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys, Disciplinary Decisions by the Court and examples of misconduct, our Annual Report, and much more information. We are here to protect the public, maintain confidence in the integrity of our profession, and to educate.

Pursuant to New York Judiciary Law Section 90 and the Appellate Division Fourth Department Rules Relating to Attorneys (22 NYCRR 1240 and 1020), the Attorney Grievance Committees are authorized to investigate, review, and prosecute complaints of attorney misconduct within the Fourth Judicial Department. This agency has jurisdiction over approximately 14,588 lawyers with a 22-county geographic area, with three district offices, located in Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo. Each office has its own Grievance Committee comprised of 21 volunteer members. Serious allegations of misconduct are reviewed by the Committee and forwarded to the Appellate Division for disposition and/or trials.

The Chief Counsel for the Fourth Department is:

Gregory J. Huether, Esq.

The Fourth Judicial Department Grievance Committees are Chaired by the following:

Ramon E. Rivera, Esq.
Fifth District, Syracuse
Steven V. Modica, Esq.
Seventh District, Rochester
Mark R. McNamara, Esq.
Eighth District, Buffalo

Each Grievance Committee office has investigative staff. The office addresses and staff members for each are:

Fifth Judicial District
Attorney Grievance Committee
224 Harrison Street, Suite 408
Syracuse, New York 13202-3066
Phone:(315) 401-3344
Fax:(315) 401-3339

Seventh Judicial District
Attorney Grievance Committee
50 East Avenue, Suite 404
Rochester, New York 14604-2206
Phone:(585) 530-3180
Fax:(585) 530-3191

Eighth Judicial District
Attorney Grievance Committee
438 Main Street, Suite 800
Buffalo, New York 14202-3212
Phone:(716) 845-3630
Fax:(716) 845-3632

Anthony J. Gigliotti, Principal Counsel
Mary E. Gasparini, Principal Counsel
Sheryl M. Crankshaw, Investigator

Daniel A. Drake, Principal Counsel
Andrea E. Tomaino, Principal Counsel
Kelly A. Page, Investigator

Margaret C. Callanan, Principal Counsel
Cydney A. Kelly, Principal Counsel
Guy C. Giancarlo, Associate Counsel
Carolyn M. Stachura, Investigator
Mary E. Davis, Investigator
Craig E. Semple, Investigator




Grievance Committee

for the Fifth Judicial District


Grievance Committee

for the Seventh Judicial District


Grievance Committee

for the Eighth Judicial District


Ramon E. Rivera, Esq.-Chairperson Steven V. Modica, Esq.-Chairperson Mark R. McNamara, Esq.- Chairperson
Anthony S. Bottar, Esq. Betsy L. Album, Esq. *Ursuline Bankhead, Ph.D.
Christopher R. Bray, Esq. Peter H. Baker, Esq. Laurie Beckerink, Esq.
Julie Grow Denton, Esq. *H. Bradley Calkins, CEO Thomas C. Brady, Esq.
Matthew R. Dunn, Esq. V. Bruce Chambers, Esq. Lauren E. Breen, Esq.
Paula Mallory Engel, Esq. Norman J. Chirco, Esq. Francis X. Carroll, Esq.
Donald R. Gerace, Esq. Michael Cobbs, Esq. Tasha Dandridge-Richburg, Esq.
Robert M. Germain, Esq. Bradley Kammholz, Esq. Peter J. Degnan, Esq.
Richard P. James, Esq. *Susan Kramarsky John J. DelMonte, Esq.
Loretta R. Kilpatrick, Esq. Christi L. Miller, Esq. Lyle T. Hajdu, Esq.
*Donald R. Kimber, CPA Elizabeth Nicolas, Esq. Douglas M. Heath, Esq.
*John J. Kirwan, Jr. Angelo Rose, Esq. Morris L. Horwitz, Esq.
Nicholas A. Macri, Esq. Leon T. Sawyko, Esq. Carolyn Ruth Kellogg, Esq.
Timothy M. McClusky, Esq. Brian C. Schu, Esq. Charles F. Koller, CPA
Edward Z. Menkin, Esq. Dennis P. Sedor, Esq. Joseph A. Matteliano, Esq.
Christina Reilly, Esq. * Mark Siwiec Elizabeth M. Midgley, Esq.
Thomas A. Reynolds, Esq. Tiffany M. Sorgen, Esq. *William M. Paterson
Vincent J. Rossi, Esq. John E. Tyo, Esq. David M. Roach, Esq.
Aaron J. Ryder, Esq. Kevin Van Allen, Esq. Richard B. Scott, Esq.
*William P. Schultz Mary Walpole-Lightsey, Esq. Mary Ann E. Wiater, Esq.
Lydia L. Young, Esq. Stephanie Woodward, Esq. Ruth R. Wiseman, Esq.

*Lay Member