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To the greatest extent possible, the Attorney for Children staff share job responsibilities, although individual staff specialize in certain areas. Unless you know with whom you want to speak it is best to call the general number (585) 530-3170 to be connected with the person best able to answer your question. All staff are happy to assist attorneys for children and the public in any way we can.

Attorney for Children Staff

Lisa Conte, Carol Howell, Jennifer Kohler, Tracy Hamilton, Amy Hugyecz, Linda Kostin

Attorney for Children Program Office: (585) 530-3170
Attorney for Children Program fax: (585) 530-3175

Program Director
Tracy Hamilton, JD, MPA
(585) 530-3176

Assistant Program Director
Linda Kostin, JD
(585) 530-3178

Carol Howell
Court Analyst
(585) 530-3172

Lisa Conte
Court Analyst
(585) 530-3171

Jennifer Kohler, MPA
Court Analyst
(585) 530-3177

Amy Hugyecz
Court Analyst
(585) 530-3173