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TO:   Fourth Department Panel Attorneys For Children
FROM:   Hon. Michael F. Griffith, Chair, Fourth Department Attorneys For Children Advisory Committee
Hon. John F. O’Donnell, Guidelines Subcommittee Chairman
RE:   Guidelines For Attorneys For Children In The Fourth Department
DATE:    November 6, 2008

Attached are Guidelines For Attorneys For Children In The Fourth Department. The Fourth Department Attorneys For Children Advisory Committee (formerly known as the Departmental Advisory Committee of the Fourth Department Law Guardian Program) drafted these Guidelines and they have been approved by the Appellate Division, Fourth Department. The Guidelines are an update of Guidelines issued by the Advisory Committee in the 1980's and 1990's. The Guidelines have been updated to reflect current practice in light of case law, statutory changes, Court Rules and Appellate Division, Fourth Department policy.

The Guidelines contain recommended best practices for all attorneys for children. They will not apply in all cases, e.g., where the timing of the proceeding makes it impossible to comply with that part of the Guidelines pertaining to best practices prior to the initial appearance of the attorney. The Guidelines will, however, be used as a basis for evaluation of the overall performance of attorneys for children.or children.

As always, thank you for your dedication to the representation of children.

Guidelines for Attorneys For Children in the Fourth Department.