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Erie County Family Court

Phone Directory


Chambers Directory

Hon. Margaret O. Szczur
Part 1
Secretary Barbara Hart 716-845-7481
Law Clerk Theresa Guenther 716-845-7482
Fax   716-845-7558
Hon. Brenda M. Freedman
Part 6
Secretary Beth Bochiechio 716-845-7475
Law Clerk Nicole Joseph Balsom 716-845-7476
Fax   716-845-7561
Hon. Lisa Bloch Rodwin
Part 3
Secretary Jessica Kelly 716-845-7487
Law Clerk Shannon Filbert 716-845-7488
Fax   716-845-7554
Hon. Sharon M. LoVallo
Part 4
Secretary Marcy Kirkwood 716-845-7453
Law Clerk Thomas Smith 716-845-7474
Fax   716-845-7560

Hon. Michael F. Griffith
Part 2

Secretary Carol Cherry 716-845-9490
Law Clerk Keith Kibler
Fax   716-845-5169
Hon. Mary G. Carney
Part 8
Secretary Bonnie Russell 716-845-7493
Law Clerk Michelle Schwach 716-845-7494
Fax   716-845-7555
Hon. Deanne M. Tripi
Part 7
Secretary Lisa Rutkowski 716-845-7496
Law Clerk Kim Babat 716-845-7497
Fax   716-845-7556
Hon. Kevin M. Carter
Part 5
Secretary Toni Gillison 716-845-7484
Law Clerk Brandon Portis 716-845-7485
Fax   716-845-7559

Law Clerks research and analyze legal questions and and issues and make recommendations to their respective judges. They confer with lawyers and litigants on unusual or complex proceedings to clarify issues or settle cases.

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Chief Clerk's Office

Fax: (716) 845-7546
Kelly Buckley Chief Clerk (716) 845-7444
Lisa A. Virgilio Deputy Chief Clerk (716) 845-7445
The Chief Clerk and Deputy Chief Clerk serve in a confidential capacity and are responsible for managing court operations related to case processing, budget and payroll preparation, deployment and management of non-judicial personnel, coordination with non-court agencies, and related duties

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Court Parts: Courtrooms at One Niagara Plaza

Parts 1 through 4 - 7th Floor
Parts 5 through 8 - 6th Floor
Parts 9 through 14 - 5th Floor
Parts 15 through 20 - 3rd Floor

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Court Attorney Referees

Phone: (716) 845-7450
Fax: (716) 845-7547

Tracey A. Kassman Sheila Schwanekamp
Donna M. Castiglione Margaret Logan
Kathleen A. Crowley Christine Saturnino
Tiffany Perry

Support Magistrates

Phone: (716) 845-7465
Fax: (716) 845-7551

John J. Aman
Neil J. Bernholz
Julie A. Dee  
John S. Wiencek  
Kristen Maricle  
Support Magistrates have decision making power over all matters filed in Family Court that involve: non-contested paternity; child support and child support-related issues such as medical insurance, child care expenses; spousal support; enforcement or violation of these matters; and modification of these matters. The decisions of Support Magistrates are made in judicial setting with full right to object.

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Other Family Court Related Phone Information

Family Treatment Court (716) 845-2741
Family Court Information (716) 845-7400
Petition Processing (716) 845-7420
Record Room (716) 845-7401
Law Guardian (716) 853-9555 (x590)
Detention Department (716) 858-8105
Psychiatric Clinic (716) 858-8167
Youth Part Intake (716) 845-2735

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