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Chautauqua County

Family Court

FAMILY COURT has jurisdiction over matters involving support, juvenile delinquency, child abuse and neglect, persons in need of supervision, foster-care placements, paternity determinations, adoptions, termination of parental rights and family offenses.

Court Locations

Chautauqua Municipal Building
2 Academy Street (Suite 5)
Mayville, NY 14757
Phone: 716-753-4351


Hon. Jeffrey Piazza
Phone: 716-753-4351
Fax: 716-753-4350

Hon. Michael Sullivan
Phone: 716-753-4351
Fax: 716-753-4350

Adoption Forms - in OmniForm (fillable) format

Form 1-A - Petition for Adoption (Agency)

Form 1-B - Verified Schedule

Form 1-C - Petition for Adoption (Private-Placement)

Form 1-Ca - Affidavit (Change of Circumstance)

Form 1-D - Child's Medical History (Agency or Private-Placement)

Form 1-E - Affirmation Regarding Venue

Form 1-F - Determination of Family Court Judge Regarding Venue

Form 1-G - Order Regarding Venue

Form 2-A - Agreement of Adoption and Consent (Agency)

Form 2-B - Agreement of Adoption (Private-Placement)

Form 2-C - Consent of Child over 14 (Agency)

Form 2-D - Consent of Child Over 14 (Private-Placement)

Form 2-E - Affidavit and Consent of Person Having Lawful Custody

Form 2-F - Judicial Consent

Form 2-FA - Judicial Consent of Birth or Legal Parent to Adoption by Step-Parent

Form 2-G - Extrajudicial Consent (Birth or Legal Parent Private-Placement)

Form 2-GA - Extrajudicial Consent (Birth or Legal Parent Private-Placement Step-Parent)

Form 3 - Order Directing Service of Notice

Form 4 - Notice of Proposed Adoption

Form 5 - Order of Publication

Form 6 - Order of Investigation

Form 7 - Report of Investigation (Private-Placement)

Form 8-A - Affidavit Identifying Party (Agency)

Form 8-B - Affidavit Identifying Party (Private-Placement)

Form 9-A - Affidavit of Financial Disclosure - Parents (Agency)

Form 9-B - Affidavit of Financial Disclosure - Parents (Private-Placement)

Form 10-A - Supplemental Affidavit (Agency)

Form 10-B - Supplemental Affidavit (Private-Placement)

Form 10-C - Affidavit Regarding Status of Appeal

Form 13-A - Order of Adoption (Agency)

Form 13-B - Order of Adoption (Private-Placement)

UCS836 - OCA Attorney's Affidavit

OCFS-3937 - NYS OCFS Request for Information - Private Adoption