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Madison County Courts

Supreme and County Court

Selected Madison County Departments Having Direct Dealings with the Court

Madison County Clerk
Kenneth J. Kunkel
Phone: 315-366-2261
Fax: 315-366-2615

Karen Birch
Phone: 315-366-2351
Fax: 315-366-2730

District Attorney
William Gabor, Esq.
Phone: 315-366-2236
Fax: 315- 366-2503

Public Defender
Paul Hadley, Esq.
Phone: 315-366-2585
Fax: 315- 366-2583

Dept. of Motor Vehicles
Division of Madison County Clerk
Kenneth J. Kunkel,
Deputy County Clerk
Phone: 315-366-2251
Fax: 315-366-2615

Sheriff's Department
Allen Riley
Phone: 315-366-2318
Fax: 315-266-2286

Dept. of Mental Health
James Yonai, Ph.D.
Phone: 315-366-2327
Fax: 315- 366-2599

Madison County Bar Association
Jennifer Basic, Esq.

Madison Co. Board of Supervisors
John Becker, Chairman
Phone: 315-366-2201
Fax: 315-366-2502

Madison County Treasurer
Cindy Edick
Phone: 315-366-2371
Fax: 315-315-366-2705

Madison County Superior Court for Drug Treatment
Hon. Donald F. Cerio, Jr.
Dawn Krupiarz, Coordinator
Phone: 315-366-2870