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The Delaware County Treatment Court was first presented as a concept when the Delaware County Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Council brought the idea of applying for a Federal grant to the County Court Judge in 2002. The concept of alternative and innovative sentencing had just begun as an effective tool in addressing the underlying substance abuse dynamics in many criminal and vehicle and traffic cases.

The Delaware County Treatment Court has evolved from the efforts of a multi disciplinary team of professionals. Members of this team represent the Criminal Court Judiciary, District Attorney, Defense Attorney, Probation, Law Enforcement, Drug and Alcohol Treatment, Mental Health, the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council, and Academic resources.

Delaware Counties Drug Court initiative formally started in January of 2003. A planning and development team was organizJanuary 24, 2013fort produced the foundation for today’s working model. The Delaware County Treatment Court was approved for operation on January 2004. On April 26, 2004 a Treatment Court TeamJanuary 24, 2013re discussed. On May 24, 2004 the first two participants completed stabilization and signed their contracts that officially inaugurated The Delaware County Treatment Court. At the present time the Delaware County Treatment Court is dealing solely Felony criminal cases. The team and 6th Judicial District are looking to the future for the development and operation of a Family Treatment Court model.

The Delaware County treatment court will prove that it is “an alternative that works” returning individuals to the community as productive, healthy, law abiding citizens.