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Family Court

Quick Summary

The Family Court has jurisdiction over the following proceedings originated in Family Court by filing of a petition:

  • Juvenile Delinquency. A juvenile delinquent is over seven and not sixteen and has committed a crime, but is not criminally responsible because of age or because the matter was removed from a criminal court to the family court.
  • A Person in Need of Supervision (PINS). A person in need of supervision is a person less than sixteen who doesn't go to school or is out of control at home or in school or who possesses marijuana.
  • The custody and visitation of minors.
  • The support of dependents.
  • The establishment of paternity.
  • The guardianship of the person of minors.
  • Family Offenses. A family offense is a crime or offense by or against minors or between spouses or between parent and child or between members of the same family or household.
  • Abuse. An abused child is less than eighteen years old. The person responsible for the child allowed the child to be injured and created a risk of death or very serious physical or emotional injury or committed or allowed something sexual to happen to the child or incest happened or the child became a prostitute or a sexual performer.
  • Neglect. A neglected child is less than eighteen years old. The child is in danger of having his/her physical, mental or emotional condition impaired because the person(s) legally responsible for his/her care did not properly care for the child.
  • Mediation Services