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Commissioner of Jurors

General Information


Juror Alert:

The New York State Court System DOES NOT ask prospective jurors for financial information such as credit card, bank account or personal information such as the names and ages of your family members. Do not provide this kind of information to anyone claiming to represent the court system. If you receive this type of request, please contact this office at 315-671-1004.


Reminder: using electronic devices to research or to communicate anything of any kind regarding the trial is prohibited i.e. google searching, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Telephone Standby:

All trial jurors are on standby and report to the courthouse, Room 120, only when instructed to do so by means of a recorded message. Please call the standby telephone number (315) 671-1010 after 5:00pm. Americans with disabilities please call (315) 671-1000 for special arrangements.


Recording Devices:

Devices with the ability to record audio, still images or video are NOT permitted in court facilities, this includes cell phones with these features.



Parking when available is at the Oncenter Parking Garage at a reduced rate to jurors ($4.00 per day). The garage is located on the corner of State and Adams Streets across from the Oncenter Convention Center.



If you are unable to report at any time during your jury term due to illness or emergency, please telephone our office at 671-1000 as soon after 8:30 a.m. as possible.


Court Hours:

Courts normally operate from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with a lunch recess usually from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. A short mid-morning and mid-afternoon recess is also scheduled in every courtroom, but due to the nature of the court proceedings, all recess times are flexible and individual to each court.


Court Security:

You may enter the courthouse from the State Street. For your protection, you must pass through the magnetometers located at those entrances. Weapons of any kind and all sharp or dangerous instruments, including scissors and pocket knives, are prohibited in court buildings.



Lunch and dinner are occasionally provided furnished to deliberating jurors. All other meals are your own responsibility. Vending machines are located in the jury room and a cafeteria is located on the lower level of the Civic Center. There are also many fine restaurants within walking distance of the court.


Verification of attendance:

Jurors who are not assigned to a trial are required to sign in each day they are present for jury service. An Attendance Certificate is available to all jurors and is required by most employers for payroll purposes. The Certification form can be obtained from the Jury Room Clerk. Depending upon time constraints, the Certification may be given to you at the time you request it or it will be mailed to you later in the week. If you are seated on a trial or grand jury, a Certification, if requested, will only be done for the entire week on Friday.


Our Mission

To provide sufficient numbers of jurors for all trial courts in Onondaga County while enhancing juror utilization and juror satisfaction.


Jury Board

Hon. Donald A. Greenwood, J.S.C.

County Court Judge
Hon. Joseph E. Fahey

County Legislator
Hon. J. Ryan McMahon


"The wisdom of our sages and the blood of our heroes has been devoted to the attainment of trial by jury. It should be the creed of our political faith."

-Thomas Jefferson