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Hon. Michael Pesce

Part Rules

Part 76
360 Adams Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

All motions shall be returnable on Fridays, unless scheduled by the Court.

All motions are on submission only. Oral arguments may be made subject to a date determined by the Court.

Final Accounts must be filed in the form of one consolidated accounting, from the date of the last judicially settled accounting, and may not be submitted in the form of multiple annual accounts.

All Motions to Settle Final Accounts must contain the attachment of a Referee’s Report, a proposed Order Settling the Final Account, and the Affirmation(s) of Legal Services if the moving attorney is requesting fees.

Guardians and/or attorneys responsible for preparing and filing a Discharge Order may not access any commissions or fees due him/her pursuant to the Order Settling the Final Account, until the Discharge Order, in proper form and complying with all provisions of the Order Settling the Final Account, is filed with copies of canceled checks, receipts, and/or affidavits, is signed by the Court, and confirmed by Chambers.


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