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Hon. Laura Lee Jacobson

Part Rules

Part 21
360 Adams Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201
Courtroom: Room 961
Courtroom Phone: 347-296-1632
Chambers: Room 1077
Chambers Phone: 347-296-1554


Appearances must be made by attorneys with knowledge of the case and the pending motions. The first call is at 9:45am and the 2nd call is at 10:30am. There is no check-in in this part and attorneys and/or parties must be present for calendar calls. The judge hears applications as they are announced during the first (1st) calendar call, if all sides are present. If not, applications are heard and determined on the second (2nd) call. Motions, other than discovery motions, can be adjourned by stipulation without appearance, only on the first return date. Any subsequent adjournment shall be by personal application.

Discovery motions must be argued and cannot be adjourned. Parties are encouraged to work out discovery motions in a short form order.

All motions made pursuant to Insurance Law Section 5102 must be orally argued. Arguments on serious injury motions will be heard on a future date after the motion has been fully submitted.

On all other substantive motions, the parties can argue or submit, at their request. If the motion is set for oral argument, all parties seeking oral argument must be present and ready for argument. The motion will be marked off if the movant fails to appear. If a non-moving party does not appear and an order is signed, the order must be served on non-moving parties and all parties are bound by the terms of the order. No applications will be granted over the telephone.

However, any party who E-files a motion and other subsequent papers responding to the motion, must bring a hard copy of the E-files papers to Court on the return date. Failure to bring a hard copy will result in the motion being marked off the calendar.

The Court must have a paper copy of every motion on its calendar in order to grant an adjournment or consider the motion.

A motion will be marked off the Court’s motion calendar, if the Court does not have a copy of the motion papers on the return day of the motion.

Consequently, all lawyers are required to bring properly tabbed and affixed copies with backs, of their motion papers with them to Court on the return date of the motion.

If the papers fail to comply with the Court rules, the motion will be rejected.

Further, any motion which has been E-Filed and which refers to an earlier motion or exhibit which was previously E-Filed, must attach a hard copy of the previously E-Filed document to the current courtesy hard copy submitted to the Court.


REFERRAL FROM FORECLOSURE SETTLEMENT PART : Plaintiffs that are referred from the Foreclosure Settlement Part to the IAS Part must bring a copy of all the documents filed in the action such as Order of Reference, Summons & Complaint, Affidavits of Service, exhibits, notices, etc. in proper form, with tabs and affixed with backs.


TRIALS : All parties must be present in court at 9:45am unless otherwise scheduled by the court. Prior to trial, counsel must submit to the court marked pleadings and the bill of particulars. In addition, counsel must also provide to the court copies of any deposition or sworn testimony that will be offered into evidence or used during the examination of a witness.

Any requests for a Court Interpreter or for subpoenaed records must be communicated to the Court Clerk prior to the commencement of the trial.

Any requests for special audiovisual material must be communicated to the Court Clerk prior to the commencement of the trial.

At the end of the trial, each side must prepare and submit contentions for use during the charge. All testimony will be completed prior to the charge conference.


INFANT COMPROMISE ORDERS: All hearings will be scheduled by the court. Any adjournments must be obtained through Chambers.

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