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Hon. Bernard J. Graham

Part Rules IAS PART 36

Chambers: 360 Adams Street – Room 580
(347) 296-1018 Chambers
(347) 401-9405 Courtroom – 561
Facsimile: (212) 419-8493
Law Secretary: Douglas Schain, Esq.
Secretary: Valery Jean Felix
Clerk: Sandra Valles


1. First call is at 9:45 a.m. and second call is at 10:30 a.m. Failure by movant to appear by second call will result in denial of motion for no appearance. If the non- moving party fails to appear by second call, the Court may grant the requested relief.

2. Appearances must be made by attorneys with knowledge of the case and knowledge of the pending motion. Oral argument is required on all ready cases. A case may not be deemed “ready” if papers are submitted to Court on the motion return date.

3. Adjournments – motions on the Court’s calendar on the first return date may be adjourned by the parties without Court consent provided a stipulation is submitted to Chambers (via fax or by hand) prior to the calendar call. After the first adjournment, consent of the Court shall be required for further adjournments by contacting Chambers directly.

4. Opposition papers and cross-motions are required to be submitted to motion support prior to the return date of the motion.

5. E-filed Cases: 1) Courtesy copies of all motion papers and proposed orders shall be submitted in all E-filed cases. 2) All hard copies for E-filed matters should be submitted through the Motion Support Office no less than five (5) days prior to the motion return date. 3) All motion papers and subsequent papers responding to the motion must be received by Chambers before the motion is to be heard.


1. Counsel are required to be present in Court by 9:45 a.m. on date of trial (unless otherwise directed by the Court).

2. Counsel shall provide the Court with marked pleadings and copies of relevant depositions.

3. Prior to trial, attorneys shall inform the Court of any scheduling conflicts and whether an interpreter shall be needed.

4. All proposed jury charges and verdict sheets shall be submitted prior to the conclusion of witness testimony.

Infant Compromise

Dates for appearances shall be provided by Chambers. The infant and the respective parent/guardian are required to appear unless the Court directs otherwise.


The Kings County Supreme Court Uniform Civil Term Rules can be located at: