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Hon. Theresa M. Ciccotto

Part 19 Rules

360 Adams Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Court Room: 363

Principal Law Clerk: Elaine Schack-Rodriguez, Esq.
Chambers: 347-404-9954
Courtroom: 347-296-1632


1) Commencing on July 11, 2017, and every successive Tuesday thereafter (except for legal holidays), motions pending in Part 19 shall be heard in Room 363.

2) Motion papers, answering affidavits and reply affidavits must be served on adversaries pursuant to CPLR ยง 2214.

3) Judge Ciccotto requires courtesy hard copies for all e-filed motions, and opposition, including all supporting papers and exhibits at least one week prior to the return date.

4) First calendar call shall be at 9:45. The second call shall be at 10:30.

5) Oral argument is required on all motions.

6) Motions may be adjourned twice upon consent of the parties. Any further adjournments require leave of Court upon good cause shown. Stipulations of adjournment are required and must be e-mailed to chambers.

7) Motions that are not answered on the second call, may be marked off, or a default may be entered, as appropriate.

8) Proposed orders to show cause must be brought to the Ex Parte Office for review prior to submission to the part.


1) The Court will conference every case assigned for trial.

2) At the initial conference, counsel shall provide marked pleadings to the Court.

3) All proposed jury charges and proposed verdict sheets shall be provided to the Court at the commencement of the trial.

4) Any potential evidentiary question or procedural or substantive law matter not previously adjudicated shall be addressed prior to trial via a written or oral motion in limine. Citations and copies of relevant decisions and statutes shall be also provided.







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