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Subpoenaed Records/Interpreters


The court operates a Subpoenaed Records Section (Room 145M), which receives, logs in, and maintains all subpoenaed records. Parties may learn of the arrival of records by consulting the computer terminals in the courthouse. After trial, original records are returned to the person who submitted them and copies are destroyed. However, if the case is appealed, all records will be retained pending the outcome of the appeal; the Section should be notified of the intent to appeal.


Litigants who require interpreters for simultaneous translation in depositions, to consult with counsel outside the court, or for other aspects of civil cases must make their own arrangements.  The court will, however, provide interpreters for witnesses in trials or hearings in this court or if the court needs to communicate with a party. Such services require the authorization of the Justice presiding.  The court has several Spanish-English interpreters on staff.  The court also maintains a list of interpreters for some other languages, including sign language.  The qualifications of these interpreters have been reviewed by the Office of Court Administration and found satisfactory.

An attorney who seeks an interpreter in a language other than Spanish must inform the Justice presiding of the request several days in advance to afford the Justice time to consider the request.  The relevant back office of the court needs 48 hours notice in order to be able to make necessary arrangements if approval is granted.