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Criminal Term

General Info.

The Criminal Term is made up of specialized departments that help the court run smoothly. Below is a list of those departments with an overview of each:

  • Integrated Domestic Violence Court - The Queens County Integrated Domestic Violence Court is a Supreme Court Part that is designed to handle multiple cases pertaining to a single family where the underlying issue is domestic violence.

  • Video Conference Unit - The Queens Supreme Court Video Conference unit assists attorneys in obtaining interviews with incarcerated clients via video conference and conducts video court appearances, probation investigations and treatment program assessments and more. For further information about the services provided by this unit and how to schedule appointments, visit

  • Mental Health Court - The Queens Mental Health Court is designed to address the mental health issues that affect a disproportionate number of defendants who are facing criminal charges. The focus of the court is treatment as an alternative to incarceration. In pursuit of this objective, public safety is paramount. Consequently, defendants are closely screened for both criminal justice and clinical eligibility prior to their acceptance in the program.



Administrative Judge
Hon. Joseph Zayas

Chief Clerk
Maureen D'Aquila