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DIY Forms

These computer programs ask you questions. The program then uses your answers to make a form for your case or to make an information sheet to help you in court.

Available DIY Forms


NYS DIY Forms are only for court users who don't have a lawyer and legal services and pro bono attorneys and staff helping clients who cannot afford lawyers. Commercial use is prohibited and no one may charge for using these programs. When you begin the program, you will be asked to accept these terms of use.
Case type Program Court

Uncontested Divorce

Supreme Court

Custody/Visitation Enforcement Petition

Custody/Visitation Modification Petition

Family Court
Child Support

Support Enforcement/Violation Petition

Support Modification Petition Program

Family Court

Paternity Petition

Petición de Paternidad
(Paternity Petition in Spanish)

Family Court
When Someone Dies

Safe Deposit Box Petition

Small Estate Affidavit

Surrogate's Court

Guardianship Article 17A

Surrogate's Court
Name Change

Adult Name Change Petition

Supreme Court

Adult Name Change Petition

Child Name Change Petition

New York City Civil Court
Problems With Money

Vacate Default Judgment in a Consumer Debt Case

Supreme, County, City, District,
Town, Village
& New York City Civil Court
For Small Property Owners

Nonpayment Petition

Licensee Holdover Petition

Squatter Holdover Petition

District, City, Town & Village Court

Small Property Owner Nonpayment Petition

Small Property Owner Licensee Holdover Petition

Roommate Holdover Program

New York City Housing Court
For Tenants

Tenant Vacate Default Judgment

District, City, Town & Village Court

Nonpayment Answer

Programa de Respuestas para Demandas
por Incumplimiento del Pago del Alquiler

(Nonpayment Answer Program Spanish)

Tenant Affidavit to Vacate a Default Judgment

Affidávit de un Inquilino para Anular un Fallo en Rebeldía
(Tenant Affidavit to Vacate a Default Judgment Spanish)

Tenant Affidavit to Restore Case to Calendar 

Afidávit para Restaurar un Caso al Calendario del Tribunal
(Tenant Affidavit to Restore Case to Calendar Spanish)

New York City Housing Court

See Frequently Asked Questions for help using DIY Form programs.

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