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Remembering 9/11 - Senior Court Officer, Sergeant Mitchel Wallace

Remembering 9/11

mwallace.jpgResponding to calls for assistance and saving lives were nothing new for Senior Court Officer Wallace, who raced to the scene in civilian clothes as he was arriving for work. Twice recently, this Mineola, L.I. resident had demonstrated his skills and expertise as a trained emergency medical technician.

Mitch worked as a paramedic with New York City’s Emergency Medical Services prior to becoming a court officer in March, 2000 at Manhattan Family Court. Later that year while traveling home on the LIRR, Mitch performed 25 minutes of CPR on a passenger in cardiac arrest. Chief Judge Judith Kaye honored Mitch, who received an award for heroism at a ceremony in May, 2001.  Mitch promoted to Senior Court Officer in June and was assigned to Manhattan Supreme Court - Criminal Term, 111 Centre Street. Three years prior to that, Mitch saved his fiancée Noreen’s life by rushing her to the hospital after he noticed she was exhibiting signs of a stroke.

On September 11, 2001 he was on his way to work carrying his medical bag. After the first plane hit the World Trade Center, he raced down and called Noreen with a message “Tell my supervisor I’ll be late to work.” After the second plane hit the World trade Center tower, Mitch called Noreen back and told her there had been a terrible accident. Noreen informed him that it was no accident but a terrorist attack and told him to leave the area. Mitch told her “I can’t! I can’t! There are bodies everywhere!  I gotta help.” 

One of the last victims he administered assistance to was a woman named Mary Jos. Mary remembered being calm and at ease with Mitch who smiled at her. Mitch was at the base of 5WTC when the South tower came down crushing the side of the building. He never got out.