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Citizen Participation Checklist

  • In the first column after each item below, place an I  if you think the item is important.
  • In the second column, place an M  by items you would be likely to do.
  • In the third column, estimate the time  you would spend each week doing the activity.
Form of participation Rating importance Likely to do? How much time?
Keeping informed.      
Voting in local, state, and national elections.      
Initiating a political discussion.      
Trying to persuade someone to vote a certain way.      
Signing a petition.      
Wearing a button or putting a sticker on the car.      
Writing letters to elected representatives.      
Contributing money to a party or candidate.      
Attending meetings to gain information, discuss issues, or lend support.      
Campaigning for a candidate.      
Lobbying for laws that are of special interest.      

Reprinted with permission. We the People* Teacher’s Guide, Middle School Level, Student Handouts. pp. 92, 98, 102. Copyright 1988. Center for Civic Education. Calabasas, California.