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Erie County Family Court


One Niagara Plaza
Buffalo, NY 14202

Phone: 716-845-7400
Fax: 716-845-7546

This website is dedicated to serving the public information needs of Erie County residents. Our judges and staff welcome you to this site and hope you find the information contained here both informative and helpful.


Court Staff

Frank J. Boccio
Chief Clerk
Phone: 716-845-7444
Fax: 716-845-7546

Daniel S. Johnston
Deputy Chief Clerk
Phone: 716-845-7440
Fax: 716-845-7546

Family Court Judges

Hon. Margaret Szczur
Part 1 - 7th floor
Phone: 716-845-7481
Fax: 716-845-7558

Hon. Sharon LoVallo
Part 2 - 7th floor
Phone: 716-845-7453
Fax: 716-845-7560

Hon. Robert Merino
Part 3 - 7th floor
Phone: 716-845-1804
Fax: 716-845-7561

Hon. Kevin M. Carter
Part 4 - 7th floor
Phone: 716-845-7484
Fax: 716-845-7559

Hon. Mary Carney
Part 6 - 6th floor
Phone: 716-845-7493
Fax: 716-845-7555

Hon. Deanne Tripi
Part 7 - 6th floor
Phone: 716-845-7496
Fax: 716-845-7556

Hon. Lisa Bloch Rodwin
Part 8 - 6th floor
Phone: 716-845-7487
Fax: 716-845-7554


Support Magistrates Office
Phone: 716-845-7465
Fax: 716-845-7551

Support Magistrates
John J. Aman
Neil J. Bernholz
Julie A. Dee
John S. Wiencek
Lenora B. Foote-Beavers

Court Attorney Referees
Phone: 716-845-7450
Fax: 716-845-7547

Tracey A. Kassman
Kathleen A. Crowley
Donna Castiglione
Sheila W. Schwanekamp
Brenda Freedman
Margaret Logan
Christine Saturnino

Petition Processing
Phone: 716-845-7420
Fax: 716-845-7562

Record Room
Phone: 716-845-7401
Fax: 716-845-7562

Family Treatment Court
Tari Ann McGinty-Sarratori
Phone: 716.845-2741
Fax: 716-845-7548


Hours of Operation

8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday

The court is closed on all state holidays.

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